Aluminium Loading Block


Area 419 billet aluminium loading block

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**This product has  been discontinued – we only have the 284 in stock, and 6.8 and Lapua Magnum are still available on back order while stocks last**

A perfectly crafted billet aluminium loading block from Area 419, to make your reloading bench just a little bit classier. Rubber anti-slip feet, and a bullet tray at the front of the block make this a highly functional piece of kit.

This block holds 50 rounds, and is available in to suit several cartridge head dimensions (6.8 SPC, 284, Magnum, Lapua Magnum). Cheytac blocks hold 32 rounds.

  • 6.8 – (0.430″)
  • 284 – (0.515″)
  • LAPUA – (0.600″)

*Back orders*

We place an order with Area 419 once every 3 months. If the item you are after is not available in stock, you can back order it, and I will add it to the next order for you.

Additional information

Case head size

223, 6.8 SPC, 284, 308, Magnum, Lapua Magnum, Cheytac


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