4×32 Browe Combat Optic (BCO)


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These optics are approved for use by the New Zealand Service Rifle Association, and are quality made in the USA.

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4×32 BROWE Combat Optic

The 4×32 BROWE Combat Optic (BCO) is a state-of-the-art optic that delivers highest quality optical glass, high precision machining, with a rugged military design.

The BCO is a purpose designed and built optic ideally suited for tactical scenarios and well suited for military, police and sportsmen.  Its 7075-T6 forged aluminum housing is compact and light weight, enhancing its ability to survive the rigors of field abuse under the most severe environmental conditions.

The BCO’s list of evolutionary technology is long and includes such features as:

Target Light Sensor Technology

The BCO has a photocell located in the optical path providing great sensitivity and accuracy of the target light that is being transmitted through the optic, not ambient lighting. In tactical environments lighting levels are very liquid and constantly changing. When nanoseconds count there is no time to make manual illumination adjustments or search for a poorly illuminated reticle.  The Target Light Sensor Technology simplifies the operation and allows the operator to focus on the job at hand.

Single Intuitive Control (SIC)

Gives the operator a simple button designed to control the illumination systems and simulate muscle memory.  With a single press of the SIC button the BCO will enter Automatic Mode; this will utilize the Target Light Sensor Teechnology by measuring the light transmission and automatically set the reticle illumination to the proper brightness.  The second press of the SIC button the BCO enters into Manual Mode.  This gives the operator complete control of the reticle illuination with the choice of 10 day settings and 3 night vision settings.

BCO Utility Port

The BCO utility port is a sealed port on the backside of the battery housing.  This port can be used to update the operating firmware or customize the existing program.  It can also be used to plug in a remote pressure pad switch, so the SIC button controls can be placed at a secondary location on the weapon.  This port can also be used to import or export power.  This means that accessories such as lasers or mini red dots could be powered from the BCO battery.  Alternatively, the BCO utility port is capable of importing power, to run on an external power source such as a central power system.

Battery Sensor

Designed to conserve battery life by placing the BCO in SLEEP mode if usage is not detected after four (4)hours. The BCO has an average battery usage life of over 2000 hours with a minimum of 775 hours on max brightness.  In sleep mode the battey current is less than 1uA, which will give the BCO a shelf life of over 10 years.

Optical Design

The BCO optical design is based on an internally adjustable roof prism optical system with an etched glass reticle.  This design was incorporated to maintain a short overall length, a platform that has proven itself successful with currently deployed products.  All lenses are precision ground of the finest quality optical glass available and are broad band anti-reflective coated possessing excellent light gathering capabilities even under low light conditions.  The glass etched reticle incorporates an LED coupled with microprocessor technology and a photocell to measure target light levels, automatically adjusting the reticle to match target lighting conditions.




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